About Us

From Rodeos to Rallies…Nestled between the beautiful Black Hills and the South Dakota prairie lands, Sturgis is a small town of 6,700 year-round residents, who host the annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally® and welcome 500,000+ visitors to our downtown and business corridor each August.

While the Sturgis area was loosely populated in 1878 as “Scooptown”, it was incorporated in 1889 and formally named for Civil War Union General Samuel D. Sturgis. Today, Sturgis boasts a growing economy, a robust summer tourism season and amenities which are the envy of many communities. Beyond the annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally®, Sturgis plays host to rodeos, Mustang and Camaro rallies, the Sturgis Supermoto Races and Oktoberfest. We are also a few minutes from Bear Butte State Park, historic Fort Meade, the Centennial Trail, and miles of trails on Forest Service and BLM trails - the physical beauty and historical presence of Sturgis within the Black Hills cannot be denied.

From nationally recognized brands to those local hidden gems, Sturgis fosters both Wall Street and Main Street. With hundreds of thousands of visitors, what better place to gain regional and national exposure for your product line?

That’s where the
Sturgis Superstore comes in. Since 2015, we are the “one-stop-shop” that is proud to feature all things Sturgis. These products demonstrate our unique blend of rural and urban, modern and historical, recreation and work…from rodeos to rallies, Sturgis Superstore has it all. Best of all, the item we sell are all designed, produced, made, shipped and sold from Sturgis, South Dakota. So when you purchase an item from the Sturgis Superstore, you know that you are supporting the City, our citizens and residents, and our events.

As many of our residents have done, come for the Rally, stay for life. Even if you can’t visit us in person, through
Sturgis Superstore, you can explore our local business and unique products from the comfort of your own home.

Sturgis made, Sturgis proud. Thank you for checking us out!